Monday, March 24, 2014

Marketing Ideas Using Pinterest For Sellers On Teachers Pay Teachers

love creating educational resources.  It is a passion.  I am far from perfect! I have always created my own resources for the classroom and the earnings from TpT have been an added bonus.

I think it is important to add that I am NOT claiming to be an expert. I will say that my first year anniversary as a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers is just around the corner. I became a premium seller on April 15, 2013. I am very close to the first major milestone as a seller....yes the one that gets your name in the newsletter. I am confident this will take place before my anniversary date arrives.

Enough about myself....

I want to help other sellers.

My success is a direct relation to the other sellers who have helped me along my journey.  The TpT team and family is your greatest resource!  It's collaboration and networking with others that will help you become successful as a seller on TpT.

My goal is to help others with their Teachers Pay Teachers journey.

I will start with my personal tips and suggestions for Pinterest. These past few months I have spent many days and nights trying to figure out the ins and outs of Pinterest. We know from the sellers forum on Teachers Pay Teachers that Pinterest is the number one site that drives traffic to our stores.

Pinterest Tip #1 
Take the time to fill in the description! 

This is important. I have learned to use keywords in my descriptions that teachers are likely to enter when they are searching for seasonal items, reading items, etc. This will drive traffic to your store. Remember, if you upload from Pinterest to make sure and click on the edit button (pencil) and link the picture back to your store or product. It is frustrating for potential customers to click on a picture and it not take them to what they are expecting.

Pinterest Tip #2
Use images that stand out on a page. 

Try different images. For example, create pins of the product cover and the actual product. Try different ways of helping your buyers notice your pin. Bright colors, large pins, and detailed descriptions are all examples of ways to make your pin unique. Use real photos. There are websites out there that will allow you to purchase photos to use.

Here is an example of what I did to create an image that stands out.  I bought the following image:

Then I added the following text to make it unique:

 I will continue to add tips and tricks as I learn them.  I hope this is  helpful to you.